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We began manufacturing garden landscaping
materials in 1948 when a local doctor requested a
Cotswold coloured paving slab to be laid outside his Cotswold Stone house and consulting room in the nearby village of Chipping Campden.

After a great deal of searching when no available paving could be found to match, it was decided to manufacture purposemade pavings for the job. These were probably the first ever Cotswold colour pavings slabs to be made out of pre-cast concrete. The slabs were manufactured in small batches in our own yard with a small concrete mixer, batched by hand and using a proprietary colouring agent. The paving slabs were two inches thick,made in a variety of sizes and finished with a trowel to give a natural look. It was after this that some of the doctor’s patients, seeing the impressive results, became our first clients. During the late 1940s and the early 1950s our paving slabs were only made and laid to order and these can still be found in everyday use around the Cotswold villages. During the mid 1960s we began to mass produce the Cotswold coloured paving slabs. We were then able to reduce prices and offer an attractive paving slab at a price that most people could afford. In 1969, when it was obvious that the market for paving was expanding,we formed Longborough Concrete Limited. This was about the time that landscaping took off and other manufacturers began to appear in the market-place. Prices became very competitive, and with the advent of modern machinery we are able to offer attractive traditional paving at prices far cheaper than we ever thought possible.Unlike many manufacturers, at Lonstone we have our own on-site moulding facility which allows us to introduce our unique newly-designed products independently as the market continues to grow and evolve. Whereas all of our early sales were in the Cotswolds,we now supply our wide range of quality products through a network of garden centres and builders’merchants.
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Permeable paving or porous paving, please download the pdf for further information
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Conditions of Sale
Dimensions  All dimensions are given in centimetres unless otherwise stated.  Dimensions given should be treated as nominal, and are subject to manufacturing tolerances.  To convert centimetres to inches divide by 2.54.
Materials  Lonstone products are made from the best available High Quality, naturally occurred limestone materials, and therefore from time to time small colour variations can occur, but this is not considered detrimental to our products.  When more than one pack is used a good colour balance can be obtained by using from alternate packs.  Sometimes rust marks occur due to the oxidation of any iron content in the stone.
In the unlikely event that your Lonstone products reach you in a less than satisfactory condition – it is important that you contact us as soon as possible;  and in any event prior to laying.  If a complaint is received after laying the paving we will be unable to repay for the cost of removal and relaying.
Drainage  Paving should only be laid in freely draining areas.
Weathering  All concrete products subjected to weathering and varying site conditions are susceptible to shade variation on the surface of individual paving slabs.  This is not detrimental to the paving, and becomes less noticeable as time passes.
Efflorescence  All concrete products with high cement content are prone to efflorescence, which has the appearance of colour fading or whitening.  This is a deposit of calcium salts on the surface of the paving, however it is in no way detrimental to the product and it disappears with time.
Cleaning  The use of pressure washers and/or chemical cleaners, to clean the surface of paving slabs is not recommended, as surface damage may result.
De-icing Salt  De-icing salts should not be either applied to our products, or used in close proximity where transmission is possible.
Product Improvement  Continuous improvement is our company policy, we therefore reserve the right to alter the design and specification of our products without notice.